bESTology Overview and Pay Dirt!

We hope you enjoyed bESTology 2015.  The 14 weeks of activities will better prepare each team and student for PAY DIRT 2015.  

Mining and Me! – Week 1
Rock and Roll or ROCKS and COAL? – Week 2
Dirt to Dust.  And Beyond.  – Week 3
Mine Games – Week 4
Dirt Pays!  – Week 5
Who Wants What, When and Why? – Week 6
Round and Round We Go – Week 7
Minerals ORE Rocks – Week …

Mining the Sky – bESTology Week 14

Mining the Sky – bESTology Week 14 
Houston, we have a problem.  The mining industry is heading towards space and it seems to be full throttle ahead!
But one must ask, what is the future of mining?  Are we limited to mining on earth or do we begin mining on asteroids?  Is there an interest to mine in space? How do we prospect, excavate and transport the commodity?  What is the need and will there be a profit? 
Great minds …

You Call. BEST Hauls! bESTology Week 13

You Call.  BEST Hauls!  bESTology Week 13

During the past 12 weeks, bESTology has dug into the history, exploration and excavation of various mined commodities.  Since BEST mimics business and industry, the next step is to transport and deliver the product to the buyer.
The majority of real-world mined products are transported in bulk, i.e., coal, iron ore, salt, lithium.  The modes of transport often include sea, road, rail, pipeline and air.  Choosing the most efficient transport system must …

Let’s Vent! bESTology Week 12

Let’s Vent! bESTology Week 12
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ventilation is the control of air movement, its amount, and direction. Air is necessary not only for us to breathe, but to disperse gases, dust, heat, etc.
Mine ventilation is heavily regulated especially in coal mines and mines with gassy environments. Other contaminants impacting the air quality of mines are blasting fumes, radiation, dusts, battery emissions and more.
To ensure proper ventilation in a mine, downcasts of fresh air and …

Rock of Ages – bESTology Week 11

Rock of Ages – bESTology Week 11
From the Paleolithic times (mining hematite) to the Stone Age then on to the Iron Age and now in the 21st Century, mining remains hard and hazardous work.
During this evolution the role of humans has changed, just as it has changed in industry.  Robots in factory settings often do the same repetitive tasks and are located away from the operator and power source. But frequently in mines, the robot works in high …

Nurture Nature – bESTology Week 10

Nurture Nature – bESTology Week 10
Ecosystems are made up of fragile interconnections between biotic (living) and abiotic (nonliving) components. We, as well as all living organisms, depend on abiotic and biotic factors for our existence; therefore protecting our environment while mining is imperative.
Many abiotic factors such as rocks and minerals are mined but upon doing so we must be conscience of the environment. Laws and regulations have been established and are enforced near mining communities to ensure the …

Safety First – bESTology Week 9

Safety First – bESTology Week 9
Accidents bring tears – Safety brings cheers.  A motto BEST embraces 24/7.
Mine safety, classroom safety, competition safety – we can all agree safety is key no matter where we are.  As a bESTologist, let’s examine how and why safety procedures are put into place and how we can play a role in the future of safety.

Creating a Safety Video
Alabama Code for Mine Safety
Mine Safety and Health Administration

Minerals ORE Rocks – bESTology Week 8

Minerals ORE Rocks – bESTology Week 8
Pure metals are rarely found in nature.  Virtually all metals are associated chemically with other elements to form compounds known as ores. An ore is a mineral or useful mineral conglomerate for obtaining metals and a deposit is the place where ores are found.
Minerals are combined in ores with elements like sulphur, chlorine or oxygen to form sulphides, silicates, chlorides or oxides.  For example, the chemical formula for chalcopyrite is CuFeS2.  Therefore, …

Round And Round We Go – bESTology Week 7

Round And Round We Go – bESTology Week 7
Rather than 3-2-1 let’s go, it’s 3-1-4 let’s ROLL!  Circling around the Rock Cycle and celebrating Pi Day!  
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a cycle is a set of events or actions that happen again and again in the same order.  Although the rocks under our feet seem permanent, they are constantly changing as part of the rock cycle.  The rock cycle is a basic concept in geology that …

Who wants what, when and why? bESTology Week 6

Who wants what, when and why?  bESTology Week 6 
Knowing where the commodity is and how to get it out of the ground is only part of the equation.  As we continue to excavate Pay Dirt, let’s unearth the concept of supply and demand. 
Before a company mines a specific commodity, they need to determine who will buy it and how much the buyer will want or need. The mining industry relies heavily on calculating the correct amount of supply …

Dirt Pays! bESTology Week 5

Dirt Pays!  bESTology Week 5
“Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.” — Sam Ewing
Miners have character and turn up their sleeves.  Dedication, responsibility and drive exhibited by these men and women deliver essential products to us each day.  What is your career goal?  Will you turn up your sleeves?  BEST students understand hard work, teamwork and product delivery while digging a …

Mine Games! bESTology Week 4

Mine Games!  bESTology Week 4

As we dig deeper into Pay Dirt, our knowledge of the mining industry must heat up!

Fact:  The deeper the mine, the hotter it gets.
Fact:  Miners often have to travel two miles or more underground each day to get to their job.
Fact:  No mine can be 100% robotic.  Humans are required for repairs and logistics.

 From pillars, to long walls to lift cages, jump aboard as we travel inside the …

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