Dirt to Dust! And beyond… bESTology Week 3

Dirt to Dust!  And beyond..
As James Marshall was designing and building a sawmill for John Sutter, a discovery was made, a discovery that would change America.  GOLD!
 While the sawmill was the primary focus for James and John, they decided to keep the discovery of the gold a secret.  But word got out and an entrepreneur named Sam Brannan embraced the concept of supply and demand.  As Sam began spreading the word, he also purchased all of the shovels, …

Rock and Roll or ROCKS and COAL? bESTology Week 2

Rock and Roll or ROCKS and COAL?  bESTology Week 2
Just as Rock and Roll is music to our ears, so is the sound of hearing someone shout, “Look at what I discovered”! Whether it is gold on a riverbed or rare minerals deep inside our earth, our daily lives depend on mined materials. 
 During prehistoric times, surface mining was key but as time and technology progressed, mining dug deeper into the depths of the earth.  Geological studies unveiled the …

Mining and Me – bESTology Week 1

Mining and Me – Week 1
STOP! Look around. In 60 seconds name all of the items you see that are a result of mining. GO!
If it is not grown then it is mined is a powerful statement. If it isn’t made of wood, cloth, or other living matter, it was dug out of the ground. Dig deeper into the items that surround you; window glass, eating utensils, dishes, automobiles, jewelry, and cell phones all are constructed from mined …

bESTology 2015 – “Pay Dirt”

Attention BEST teachers, students and mentors!  
The 3rd Annual bESTology begins Sunday, Jan. 25th for the 2015 BEST game PAY DIRT.
Explore the Pay Dirt Teaser Video at bestinc.org. 
bESTology offers:

BEST students: FUN off-season challenges and career awareness connected with Pay Dirt
BEST teams: weekly clues for the 2015 game Pay Dirt
BEST teams: the skill sets to be competitive in the workplace
BEST teachers: an avenue for BEST to be incorporated into cross-curricular activities based on …

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