Dirt Pays! bESTology Week 5

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Dirt Pays!  bESTology Week 5

Image:  abc.net.au

Image: abc.net.au

“Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.” — Sam Ewing

Miners have character and turn up their sleeves.  Dedication, responsibility and drive exhibited by these men and women deliver essential products to us each day.  What is your career goal?  Will you turn up your sleeves?  BEST students understand hard work, teamwork and product delivery while digging a successful career path.  It may be off-season, but turn up your sleeves and let’s explore mining careers!


Data mining:  Analyze the above resource materials and breakdown the mining job descriptions and qualifications.  Choose one or two specific jobs from the list that sparks an interest and review the job qualifications.  List your current personal qualifications for mining and then summarize the skill sets needed for a highly qualified position in the mining industry.  Predict how much of this skill set list you can acquire locally and produce a map of the locations you could travel to learn the missing pieces.

Challenge:  Identify 5 universities that offer a degree in mining engineering.

Writing:  Using Microsoft Word, compose your employment resume or CV (curriculum vitae).  Follow the steps recommended in the resources.  List all recommended elements, even if they are currently blank.  Formulate a path for your school career to make you a highly viable candidate for a job, scholarship, apprenticeship or college acceptance.  Include BEST Robotics and the skills mastered through participation. Save your document and modify it with new skills and qualifications throughout your school career.  

BEST Connection:  Since BEST mimics industry, classify the job descriptions and attach salaries to each team member’s position.  Focusing on Pay Dirt, a mining game, create a list of BEST jobs based on the mining industry, i.e. CEO of a mining company, equipment driver, marketing manager, mining engineer, etc. and calculate the associated wage for each in the real world. Produce a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel and compute the cost/budget needed to operate your company.  Estimate the amount of product that must be mined in order to make a profit.

Fact: The original Fortune 500 company list was restricted to companies whose revenues were derived from manufacturing, mining, or energy exploration.

Challenge:  Research how Fortune Magazine chooses the top 500 companies each year.  Evaluate your BEST company and determine if it meets the Fortune 500 criteria.

Community Connection:  Produce a mining career video to share with others in your BEST community.  Incorporate the song Working in a Coal Mine by Lee Dorsey or write your own music and lyrics.  The video should not exceed three (3) minutes in length and should include pictures or video clips of careers in the mining industry.  The team with the BEST video will receive a plaque and recognition on Game Day 2015!  Upload the video to Dropbox and share with info@friendsofbest.org. Videos must be received by May 15, 2015.  Video judges will be volunteers representing a prominent mining company.  Unleash your imagination!

Game Hint:  View the 2015 BEST teaser video and listen to the music.  Can you name that tune?


Bloom’s Taxonomy:  analyze, attach, breakdown, calculate, choose, classify, compose, compute, formulate, identify, name, predict, produce, review, summarize, tell, write

Workforce skills:  active learning, active listening, complex problem solving, coordination, critical thinking, judgment and decision making, management of personnel resources, mathematics, monitoring, negotiation, programming, reading comprehension, speaking, systems analysis, technology design, time management, troubleshooting, writing

Download this document HERE!     Dirt Pays! bESTology Week 5


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