Safety First – bESTology Week 9

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Safety First – bESTology Week 9




Accidents bring tears – Safety brings cheers.  A motto BEST embraces 24/7.

Mine safety, classroom safety, competition safety – we can all agree safety is key no matter where we are.  As a bESTologist, let’s examine how and why safety procedures are put into place and how we can play a role in the future of safety.


Data Mining:   Math teachers often state “math is the basis for everything in life.”  This statement definitely applies to the mining industry.  Safety and math fit hand-in-hand when constructing mines.  Geometric mine design considers slope, angle, curve, radius and more.  Using your math book, the referenced sites for geometric design,, draw correlations between math terminology and equations to real-world application to mine design.  (Hint – you may find some of the relationships in your science books also)

Writing:  Be proactive in your community.  Just as the National Mine Safety Organization has goals for safety improvements, identify and evaluate five (5) safety concerns for your town.  Write a letter to the appropriate local official(s) addressing your concerns and proposed solutions.  Are there any governmental agencies that also need to be notified?  Who else has jurisdiction around the issues you have identified?

 BEST Robot:  April is National Safety Month.  Celebrate your team’s safety record by beginning to create a safety video to share with others (post on Facebook, tweet a link to it, post it on your website, build your community by showing it).

What steps do you take to ensure safety around your BEST experience?  Think about the obvious – training, protective gear – and the less obvious – supervision, traveling, etc.  What else could your team do to increase the safety of the BEST experience?

Community Connection:  During Gatekeeper, the 2013 Game, a bESTolgy Camp Day 3 challenge was to create an app.  This week create a promotional/educational flyer about the apps in your community that promote safety (weather, traffic….??).  Choose at least five.  Help the community locate and “sell them” on why they need the app.  As an extra challenge, identify a gap in the coverage and write your own app to fill the void.

 Bloom’s Taxonomy: choose, conclude, create, draw, evaluate, identify, propose, share, write

 Workforce Development Skills:  Reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing, service orientation

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