Mine Games! bESTology Week 4

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Mine Games!  bESTology Week 4

inside of a  mine

As we dig deeper into Pay Dirt, our knowledge of the mining industry must heat up!

  • Fact:  The deeper the mine, the hotter it gets.
  • Fact:  Miners often have to travel two miles or more underground each day to get to their job.
  • Fact:  No mine can be 100% robotic.  Humans are required for repairs and logistics.

 From pillars, to long walls to lift cages, jump aboard as we travel inside the earth!


Data Mining:  Mine Games!  Without using the internet or other reference materials, brainstorm the meaning of the following:

  • Room and pillar
  • Long wall
  • Continuous miner
  • Retreat mining
  • Mantrap
  • Coal face
  • Slurry

Now research the meaning of each term listed above.  Earn one point for each correct answer!

Writing:  More Mine Games!  Design a board game.  Using the above list of resources, incorporate the following terminology into a board game:

  • Mine entrance
  • Room and pillar or long wall
  • Safe room
  • Ventilation system
  • Lift cages or trains
  • Coal or salt

Once your game is complete, share with others to expand their knowledge of the mining industry.

BEST Connection:  Let’s take Mine Games one step further and develop the board game into a BEST game.  Sketch a field that has a main entrance, room and pillar, safe room, ventilation system and a commodity to be mined, i.e. coal, salt, copper, gold, silver.

List various tasks the robot should accomplish and formulate a scoring system.  Discuss with your classmates the objective of the game and construct two strategic plans to obtain the highest score. 

Community Connection:  One more Mine Game! Create a list of how coal and salt are used in your community.  Beside each use, name a business or industry that is involved with each.  Compare your list with others.  Earn a point for each business/industry that others did not list.  Invite a guest speaker from your local power company to share how coal is used to generate electricity in your region. 

Bloom’s Taxonomy:  brainstorm, compare, construct, develop, discuss, formulate, incorporate, invite, list, name, research, share, sketch, use

Workforce Skills: reading, critical thinking, active learning, writing, learning strategies, career awareness

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