Design, Build, Deliver – bESTology Week 7

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Design, Build, Deliver – bESTology Week 7

Design, build, deliver is the slogan of many BEST teams. The same premise applies to the manufacturing industry of emergency response vehicles. Manufacturers listen to the requests and needs of first responders. Then embracing the same skills and equipment used in BEST (CAD, CNC machines, 3-D printers, power equipment) they produce manufacturing marvels. By applying the engineering design process, manufacturers create machines needed to rapidly deploy first responders to a wide array of emergency situations. When it is then coupled with a premier marketing plan, they have the BEST product in the marketplace for all to benefit from!

This week, bESTology will explore how manufacturing plays a role in the fire and rescue industry.


Firestorm of Brainstorming

Explore the resources above then create two charts showing how the following are involved in designing and constructing an emergency response vehicle – as well as a BEST robot.

Columns in each chart should include how each bullet point relates to a step in the engineering design process, careers, marketing and skills learned in BEST. Be sure to include your own columns as well.

  • Coordination
  • Critical thinking
  • Systems analysis
  • Mathematics
  • Equipment selection
  • Quality Control
  • Science
  • Technology design
  • Management of material resources
  • Programming
  • Judgment and decision making
  • CAD design
  • 3-D printer
  • CNC machine

Conclude by comparing and contrasting your two charts. Reflect how the skills mastered in BEST will apply to your real-world career choice(s).

Fire and Rescue Journal

Choose ONE emergency response vehicle and research its conversion from an ordinary vehicle to a high-tech state-of-the-art emergency response vehicle. Write in your journal the specifics of each of the following – include the marketing benefits as well:

  • Chassis
  • Body type
  • Siren
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Graphics
  • Electrical system
  • Radio
  • Tires
  • Lighting
  • Seating
  • Additional add-ons

Create a PowerPoint presentation featuring your vehicle. Include photos, cost estimates and details of how your vehicle is manufactured for a specific emergency response. Share your presentation with others.

BEST Connection

Using real-world marketing techniques, begin organizing your BEST marketing presentation. Using the above resources, search for buzzwords used to describe products, i.e., durable, reliable, quality. Determine how the manufacturers persuade the buyers their products are the BEST and apply one of more of these marketing techniques to your team’s marketing presentation for Crossfire 2017.

Community Connection

It’s time to get close to an emergency response vehicle! Whether it’s a fire truck, police car or ambulance, convince a first responder(s) to visit your school with their vehicle. Based on the activities above, prepare a list of questions addressing how the vehicle is manufactured to accomplish specific tasks.

HINT: Capture a photo of your team with the vehicle and post in your BEST Exhibit Booth!

Hot Topic in the News this Week: Seattle Increases Fuel Efficiency with Hybrid Ambulances

A Burning Question for a Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): What is the newest technology in an ambulance, it’s purpose and cost?

(We encourage teams to contact an EMT and ask this question. Record the answer in your journal)

Bloom’s Taxonomy: apply, capture, choose, conclude, convince, create, describe, determine, discuss, explore include, organize, post, prepare, research, search, share, write

Workforce Skills: coordination, critical thinking, systems analysis, mathematics, equipment selection, quality control, science, technology design, management of material resources, programming, judgment and decision making, reading comprehension, active listening, critical thinking, active learning, writing

While the information contained in this website has been compiled from sources believed to be current and reliable, Friends of BEST in Alabama, Inc. (FBA) cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or content changes. Links made from this website are to reputable organizations at the time of posting. However, FBA cannot be held responsible for content on such linked websites. The existence of such links does not represent an endorsement by FBA of any views expressed or products or services offered.

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