Money Burning A Hole In Your Pocket? bESTology Week 11

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Money Burning A Hole In Your Pocket? – bESTology Week 11


All things are precious, some more than others – but what are these things worth to you? Whether it’s your home, your school, your car or even your life, how is the value calculated and how do we insure each item?

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, insure is to provide or obtain insurance or to take necessary measures and precautions.

This week let’s explore the types, cost and coverage of insurance available to us personally and for our environment and community.


A Firestorm of Brainstorming

Create a chart labeled Types of Insurance. Brainstorm and list the various types of insurance available to you, your personal items, your community and your surrounding environment. Expand your chart by including the specifics of what each policy covers.

Next, review the above resources and add three additional types of insurance to your chart. Conclude by determining how many of the policies would cover fire or fire related accidents.

Fire and Rescue Journal

Refer your brainstorming chart above and research all of the factors that influence the insurance rates for each policy. Prepare for your future by writing five (5) positive things you can do now to decrease your insurance rates in the future.

BEST Connection

As a BEST team creating a company, determine all of the types of insurance a business is required to have and which policies should they consider purchasing in addition to the required. Summarize how a fire would harm your company and how insurance would protect your company.

Community Connection

Invite an insurance agent to visit your school to share the types of insurance they offer and how rates are calculated. Include in your discussion the factors they consider when they suggest fire and disaster coverage for your home and business. Conclude by asking how discounts are applied and what is required to earn them.

Reflect on what you have learned this week and then ask three family members or friends to share the types of insurance they purchase. Communicate your newly obtained knowledge of how they may reduce their rates and suggest types of insurance they may consider purchasing.

Hot Topic in the News: Tennessee fires spark insurance claims of $842 million

A Burning Question for an Insurance Agent: Which day of the year has a higher risk of having kitchen fires and why?

(We encourage teams to contact a local insurance agent and ask this question. Record the answer in your journal)

Bloom’s Taxonomy: add, ask, brainstorm, chart, communicate, conclude, determine, expand, include invite, list, prepare, refer, reflect, research, review, suggest, summarize

Workforce Skills: reading comprehension, active listening, critical thinking, speaking, active learning, writing, mathematics, management of personnel resources, management of financial resources, judgment and decision making, management of material resources

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