Holding Ones Feet to the Fire – bESTology Week 12

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Holding Ones Feet to the Fire – Week 12


Regulating business practices dates back to ancient civilization when they began standardizing weights and measures for gold to be exchanged as international currency. Regulations continued to evolve especially during the 19th century when the United States began creating regulatory agencies to protect the public sector.

Today in the 21st century, fire regulations are abundant. From the flammability of the clothes we wear, the safety of the gas tanks on our vehicles, to the placement of smoke detectors in our homes – regulations are everywhere.

But who or what are these regulating agencies? Who is holding everyone’s feet to the fire? bESTology will explore!


A Firestorm of Brainstorming

List 15 things you do before you arrive to school each morning, i.e., brush teeth, dry hair, eat breakfast, ride school bus, etc. Choose six (6) and research the governing body (regulating agency) for each. Determine if the regulations are local, state or federal requirements.

Continue with a discussion of the pros and cons of regulations. Name three regulations you would like to see abolished and three new regulations you would like to see enacted and explain why.

Fire and Rescue Journal

Imagine a world with no regulations. Reference your brainstorming activity above and write a short story of a typical morning with no regulations. Explain if the products or activities would be safer or more dangerous if rules were not followed.

Challenge: Sketch all of the signs you see during the next week that warn or protect you from fire and accidents. Determine the regulatory body that requires each sign.

BEST Connection

Analyze three past BEST games and discuss the types of real world regulations associated with the various game tasks and concepts. Evaluate each regulation in greater detail and determine how many include procedures for fire safety. Predict how fire safety regulations will apply to Crossfire 2017.

Community Connection

Bringing regulations closer to home, identify the fire safety regulations mandated by local, state and federal laws for your school.

  • Determine the number of students in your school and the approved occupancy number for the hallways, classrooms, cafeteria and other public areas.
  • Calculate the number of fire extinguishes required per square footage and the proper location of each.
  • Assess the type of fire alarm system, it’s placement and any fire suppression system it may trigger.
  • Examine the emergency exit maps and identify all exit doors, ramps, etc.
  • Ask the administration to share the rules and guidelines for fire drills.
  • Investigate the requirements for the school’s electrical code, placement of electrical sockets and use of extension cords.
  • Determine if fire regulations differ between high schools and elementary schools.

Ask your school’s administration to let your BEST team play a role in the next fire drill or inspection by the local fire department. Be sure to capture a photo!

Hot Topic in the News School Safety – National Fire Protection Association

A Burning Question for a School Principal: What regulations or protocols must a school principal follow to protect the students from a fire? Do local, state or federal laws mandate the regulations?

(We encourage teams to contact your school principal and ask this question. Record the answer in your journal)

Bloom’s Taxonomy: analyze, apply, ask, assess, calculate, choose, continue, determine, discuss, examine, explain, evaluate, include, identify, investigate, imagine, list, name, predict, reference, research, sketch, write

Workforce Skills: reading comprehension, active listening, critical thinking, speaking, active learning, writing, mathematics, equipment evaluation, science, judgment and decision making, operation and control

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