The Importance of Fire and the Science Involved – bESTology Week 4

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The Importance of Fire and the Science Involved – bESTology Week 4


Whether it’s maintaining a healthy ecosystem or providing heat for homes, fire is essential in countless ways.

Over the years, numerous plants have adapted to protect themselves against fires. When forests burn, leaf litter (the fire’s energy source) is consumed and results in a rebirth of the forest. bESTologists agree, fires are necessary to maintain a healthy forest ecosystem.

Fire is vital in our daily lives as well. To understand its importance, we must gain a greater understanding of its chemical, biological and physical properties. Let’s take a closer look at the science and necessity of fire.


Firestorm of Brainstorming

As stated above, fire is beneficial to our everyday lives. Observe your surroundings for the next 24 hours and list 20 or more “things” that are a result of fire, i.e. moving vehicle (combustion), glass, electricity (burning coal). Analyze your list and determine the type of “fuel” that was involved with each.

Fire and Rescue Journal

Created in 1944, the Smokey Bear Campaign informed Americans of their role in preventing forest fires. What was not communicated or known at the time were the long-term effects of the lack of forest fires. Research then write a brief report on the negative and positive outcomes of the Smokey Bear Campaign. Share your findings with other team members.

On Fire for a Challenge

Write a short story or create a video, titled “Life For A Day Without Fire”. Reference your brainstorming session and choose alternative ways to survive for 24 hours without fire.

BEST Connection

It’s never too early to begin thinking about Crossfire 2017. Sketch a design for an area of your team’s exhibit booth showing how fire is essential not only in our daily lives but in nature. Collaborate with teammates to create a unique and innovative area.

Community Connection

Identify three (3) local businesses or industries that use fire to create their products. Invite a representative of one of the businesses to visit your classroom and ask them to share how fire plays a critical role in production of their product(s).

Hot Topic in the News this Week: Prescribed Fire Treatments Slated for Zane Grey and South of SR 260 – an example of controlled burn in the news.

A Burning Question for a Firefighter: Are you a qualified Smokejumper and if so, what additional qualified skills were needed to obtain certification.

(We encourage teams to contact a fire fighter or visit a fire station and ask this question. Record the answer in your journal)

Bloom’s Taxonomy: analyze, ask, choose, collaborate, create, determine, identify, invite, list, observe, reference, research, share, show, sketch, write

Workforce Skills: reading comprehension, active listening, critical thinking, writing, systems analysis, science

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