bESTology 2024 – Lesson 6 – Lunar Regolith

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Welcome to bESTology 2024


During the bESTology lessons, you are going to act as a realtor and your goal is to gather enough information so you can sell property in outer space, specifically the moon.

So, as you prepare your rockets for launch and take off for your journey into outer space, we wish you the BEST of luck and may you always stay in LOW G

The ten lessons in front of you are going to prepare you for the LOW G BEST season and help your team understand the concepts needed to sell property on another planet.

You might think this is far-fetched, but it really isn’t.

So, gather your team and become the next BEST realtor.


Welcome to lesson 6 – THE LUNAR REGOLITH

Remember, your goal during bESTology is to become a licensed realtor and sell property in space. In order to be a licensed realtor, you will need to know about conditions on different plants so you can talk to your clients in a professional manner.

What is Lunar Regolith? I  had never even heard of this word until I  started doing some research and wondered what you would need to grow vegetation on the moon. So lets take a deep dive into the topic of Regolith. I  just love saying that word.



Now that you have seen the word regolith, I bet you are very intrigued to learn all about it. It’s time to do some research and learn all about Lunar Regolith.

Click on the button below “LUNAR REGOLITH RESEARCH ARTICLE”. It will take you to a an article with more information than you wanted to know about Regolith. I  just love saying that word. Regolith, Regolith, Regolith.


Watch the two videos above. One video talks about moon dust and the other video talks about soil n earth. 

In this activity you are going to compare soil on the moon, Regolith to soil on the earth. This comparison will give you insight into why living on the moon faces many challenges, nd in our quest to become a moon realtor, how are we going to sell property on the moon with these challenges.

Your comparison can be in a comparison chart, or diagrams. Make it fun, make it creative.


It will more than likely be impossible to get your hands on Regolith, however you can definitely get your hands on soil. However, not all soils are created equal. We all live in different regions of the country, and the soil composition is very different across the region. I  live in Texas, my soil is very different from my cousin who lives in Chicago.

Go outside and get some some soil and using your knowledge see if you can identify the different parts of the soil and try find out what kind of soil you have. If possible find a family member or friend in another part of the country and see if you can compare soils.


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