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Welcome to bESTology 2024


During the bESTology lessons, you are going to act as a realtor and your goal is to gather enough information so you can sell property in outer space, specifically the moon.

So, as you prepare your rockets for launch and take off for your journey into outer space, we wish you the BEST of luck and may you always stay in LOW G

The ten lessons in front of you are going to prepare you for the LOW G BEST season and help your team understand the concepts needed to sell property on another planet.

You might think this is far-fetched, but it really isn’t.

So, gather your team and become the next BEST realtor.


Welcome to lesson 1, all about gravity!

Remember, your goal during bESTology is to become a licensed realtor and sell property in space. In order to be a licensed realtor, you will need to know about conditions on different plants so you can talk to your clients in a professional manner.

We will begin our training on the subject of gravity. We know that gravity is different in space as it is on earth. BUT are you a GRAVITY PRO?



The term gravity is very easy to understand. We all know what gravity is, but there is so much more to this term than just an apple falling from a tree.

In this section you are going to create a historical timeline of the term gravity, highlighting the scientists involved and the major milestones discovered. This Research and introduction will give you the stepping stones for future lessons in this bESTology series.

Click on the button below “CREATE A TIMELINE”. It will take you to a CANVA page where you can use the template there or you can make your own timeline.


This is not really an activity, but more of an hour of tutoring. Since many of you are actually taking physics classes in HS, this lesson would serve as a refresher or even help you get through your physics class. 

This lesson might even come in handy during the LOW G season of BEST.

In case you havent heard of KHAN ACADEMY, let me introduce you. 

Click in the KHAN ACADEMY button below to get started.


This might be a very challenging activity. After diving deep into the subject of gravity, you might be somewhat of an expert. We understand what gravity is, but how do we show gravity?

Your Challenge is to show gravity in your community through pictures. Thats right, go out and photograph gravity.

Good Luck!

Have you ever tried defying gravity? Maybe this video will inspire you!


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