bESTology Week 6-big, Bigger, BIGGEST

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bESTology-Week 6 big, Bigger, BIGGEST


  • Function of Heavy Machinery in Demolition
  • Safety of Demolition Machinery
  • Modernization of Demolition Machinery


Students will understand the different types of heavy machinery used with the different types of demolition


Demolition requires specialized tools from size to designed function. Demolition companies utilize different tools to meet the needs of the demolition method being used. 

Research/Reflect/Brainstorm – Time to think and expand your knowledge! 

Grab your BEST Journal, notebook or online doc for notes to document your learning. Use various sources such as books, magazines, and websites from below to learn  more about energy, forms of energy, consequences, and possibilities.

Use various sources such as the internet, textbooks, magazines etc. to answer the questions below. 

  • Why are demolition machines so big?
  • Why are hand tools still used for demolition?
  • What are the safety concerns for using heavy machinery?
  • How has heavy machinery changed demolition?

Online Resources – list all links to material useful for research about the lesson topic

Activity – In small collaborative groups or individually choose one of the activities below sharing your learning with your team and school or community. Creation instructions for the different activities are accessed by the links.

BEST Connection – make connection(s) between the lesson and BEST Robotics program

  • Create an entry for your Engineering Notebook sharing what you learned from your research and how it will help your team.
  • Create a chart showing the different costs of demolition and machinery used in your community for your Engineering Notebook

Community Connection – make connection(s) between the lesson and your community

  • Create a Public Service Announcement about renewable energy and its uses
  • Create a chart showing the different costs of demolition and machinery used for a demolition project in your community to include in  your Engineering Notebook

Digital Citizenship

  • Be sure to cite the sources and resources you used for your learning and projects by creating a Bibliography page in your project with the name of the websites and URL addresses
  • Be sure to include the sources and resources used in your Engineering Notebook by adding the name of the websites, books etc. and the URL address

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Remember-content vocabulary: interactions, communities, demolition, machinery, modernization

Understand-research to learn more about the topic of Heavy Duty Machines

Apply-taking notes and synthesizing meaning from resources to build their knowledge 

Analyze-determine the pros and cons of demolition and heavy machine use

Evaluate-resources used for research to answer questions and develop notebook entry 

Create-Engineering Notebook entry, Activity/Project completed and shared

Workforce Skills

Critical Thinking, Analyzing and Evaluating information, Creating, Writing, Research, Communication, Problem Solving, Collaboration

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