bESTology 2024 – Lesson 8 – Mining on the Moon

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Welcome to bESTology 2024


During the bESTology lessons, you are going to act as a realtor and your goal is to gather enough information so you can sell property in outer space, specifically the moon.

So, as you prepare your rockets for launch and take off for your journey into outer space, we wish you the BEST of luck and may you always stay in LOW G

The ten lessons in front of you are going to prepare you for the LOW G BEST season and help your team understand the concepts needed to sell property on another planet.

You might think this is far-fetched, but it really isn’t.

So, gather your team and become the next BEST realtor.


Welcome to lesson 8, MOON MINING

Remember, your goal during bESTology is to become a licensed realtor and sell property in space. In order to be a licensed realtor, you will need to know about conditions on different plants so you can talk to your clients in a professional manner.

There is talk that mining on the moon is the next gold rush. Could this be true?;

During this lesson we will be learning about the possibility of mining on the moon and what it holds for us in the future.



The phrase SPACE RACE is something we hear about often when discussing space, NASA, The Moon, and other space related topics. 

Lets take a step back in time and learn about the timeline of the SPACE RACE. Why is this so important again in our bESTology lessons? We are going to be learning about the Race for Gold and mining gold on the moon and in space. This topic is going to be very important for the future of space missions and if we are going to be living and working on the moon and building communities, the Moon Gold Rush is going to be an important topic.

Click on the button below “CREATE A TIMELINE”. It will take you to a CANVA page where you can use the template there or you can make your own SPACE RACE timeline. 


Is it just GOLD that countries are interested in mining on the moon?

The two videos above go into some detail why mining on the moon is important and what are the different resources they will be mining for.

Keep in mind, we are trying to create communities to live on the moon, so are we going to be using these resources to bring back to earth, or are we going to use them to live on the Moon? 

Create a diagram, chart, poster, or any graphic where you can outline the different resources that can be mined on the moon and outline what it can be used for.

Going Further:

  1. Where on the Moon can these resources be found?
  2. What companies on Earth have already started working on mining these resources on the Moon


While writing this lesson, I  cam across numerous news articles from around the world talking about the Moon Gold Rush, and the next SPACE RACE.

Look at local news resources and see if you can DIG up any information about this. 

You can use physical newspapers that you might have delivered to your house, search the internet, or even go to the local library to search for articles.

Have Fun!


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