bESTology 2024 – Lesson 5, SPACEFLIGHT

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Welcome to bESTology 2024


During the bESTology lessons, you are going to act as a realtor and your goal is to gather enough information so you can sell property in outer space, specifically the moon.

So, as you prepare your rockets for launch and take off for your journey into outer space, we wish you the BEST of luck and may you always stay in LOW G

The ten lessons in front of you are going to prepare you for the LOW G BEST season and help your team understand the concepts needed to sell property on another planet.

You might think this is far-fetched, but it really isn’t.

So, gather your team and become the next BEST realtor.


Welcome to lesson 5, all about SPACEFLIGHT

Remember, your goal during bESTology is to become a licensed realtor and sell property in space. In order to be a licensed realtor, you will need to know about conditions on different plants so you can talk to your clients in a professional manner.

We are going to be building communities and living on the moon. BUT, how do we get there? In this lesson we will be learning all about spaceflight, rockets, payloads, and how do we actually transport people and supplies to the moon.




The term gravity is very easy to understand. We all know what gravity is, but there is so much more to this term than just an apple falling from a tree.

In this section you are going to create a historical timeline rockets. When they began, different missions, highlighting the scientists/astronauts  involved and the major milestones discovered. This Research and introduction will give you the stepping stones for future lessons in this bESTology series.

Click on the button below “CREATE A TIMELINE”. It will take you to a CANVA page where you can use the template there or you can make your own timeline.


If you have the option in your class, school, or at home to build and launch a rocket, then this is a fun and great way to learn about rocketry and payloads. There is a lot of physics behind a rocket launch, and many parts to a rocket. 

Rockets carry things into space. We call this a payload. There are many types of payloads that can be launched with a rocket.

So in this activity, see if you can build and launch a rocket. it can be an air powered rocket, water bottle rocket, or engine rocket. Discuss the parts of the rocket and payloads that a rocket can carry.

Here is an example rocket kit from Amazon.


Find items in your community that you can launch, or things that can fly. Time to be creative

One of the greatest songs ever by one of the greatest artists ever.


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