bESTology 2024 Lesson 4 – reason for the seasons!

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Welcome to bESTology 2024


During the bESTology lessons, you are going to act as a realtor and your goal is to gather enough information so you can sell property in outer space, specifically the moon.

So, as you prepare your rockets for launch and take off for your journey into outer space, we wish you the BEST of luck and may you always stay in LOW G

The ten lessons in front of you are going to prepare you for the LOW G BEST season and help your team understand the concepts needed to sell property on another planet.

You might think this is far-fetched, but it really isn’t.

So, gather your team and become the next BEST realtor.

LESSON 4 – reason for the seasons!

Welcome to lesson 4, reason for the seasons!

Remember, your goal during bESTology is to become a licensed realtor and sell property in space. In order to be a licensed realtor, you will need to know about conditions on different plants so you can talk to your clients in a professional manner.

This week we will learn why we have seasons.



What causes our seasons?

There is a huge misconception that the distance from the sun causes our seasons. Is this true?

If this is not true, then what causes the seasons?

Watch the two videos below and see what real students think about the reason for the seasons.


Activity 1 – Understanding Moon Phases

Here is a great activity from NASA to help understand the moon phases.

Activity 2 – Moon phases and tides.

What is the correlation between the moon and tides?

Read this article then try the activity.

In this activity you are going to look at two calendars. The first calendar is the moon phase calendar. You can find the moon phase for anywhere you want. 

The second calendar is the tide calendar. You can find the high and low tide for anywhere. See if you can see the correlation between the moon phases and tides.

I wish I  had these calendars when I  was growing up in South Africa. Every December we would go to Cape Town and I  loved surfing. I  had to read the bulletin board at the beach to find out when high and low tide was so I  could make sure I  was in the water at the right time catching the best waves.

See where these calendars will take you.


Continue looking in the sky and recording the moon phases on the calendar you were provided last week.                                                                                                  


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