The Germination of Agriculture and Farming – bESTology Week 3

The Germination of Agriculture and Farming
More than 10,000 years ago, the transition was made from hunters and gatherers to sowers and harvesters. This evolution allowed the formation of societies, property ownership, political structures, systems of knowledge (writing) and architecture.
From the Mesopotamia where the calendar and wheel were invented, to Europe where the seed drill and crop rotation were implemented, to America where land grant programs and agricultural experimentations began, bESTology will take us back through history so we …

Let’s Talk Farm – bESTology Week 2

Let’s Talk Farm
Each industry and career field has its own technology and vocabulary. To that end we are beginning to germinate our fields and grow some shared terminology. As we grow into the game in about six months, a discussion of the words will allow all of us to “Talk Farm”

Jingle – Wikipedia
Commercial Jingles
Silos – Wikipedia
Types of Silos – Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Farm Basics #603 – Farm Terminology
Farm Terminology by …

Break New Ground – bESTology 2016 – Week 1

Break New Ground – Week 1
Last year “Pay Dirt” embraced if it is not grown then it is mined, “Bet the Farm” embraces the opposite, the living world. We grow the trees used for our desks, the cotton for our clothes and the vegetables we eat.
Evolving from the Fertile Crescent to today’s genetically modified foods and organisms (GMO), the history and advancements of farming and agriculture are immense. bESTology will plant the seeds of knowledge and curiosity that …

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