Let’s Talk Farm – bESTology Week 2

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Let’s Talk Farm

Image: youngagrarians.org

Image: youngagrarians.org

Each industry and career field has its own technology and vocabulary. To that end we are beginning to germinate our fields and grow some shared terminology. As we grow into the game in about six months, a discussion of the words will allow all of us to “Talk Farm”



Jingle bales!

Name your favorite marketing jingle. Here’s ours “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” Grainstorm additional jingles that contain farming and agricultural terminology. Post your favorite farm jingle on the BEST Facebook page.

 BEST Farm Journal:

Farm silos store grain and BEST silos store words. Farm silos isolate various types of grains and BEST silos isolate similar terms.

Find a partner and as a team sketch and label twelve word silos in your journals.  Label each silo with one of the following names: math, types of farms, support, plants, scientific, foundation, transport, nourishment, space, contain, waste, products. Discuss and write farming words that would fit into each silo. For example, the “contain” silo could include fence, dam, bucket, and paddock. The “scientific” silo could contain, monocot, dicot, germination and photosynthesis. The goal is to completely fill up each silo.

Analyze the words in each silo and discuss how many could actually be placed in more than one silo. Compare your silos to others and highlight words you are not familiar with. Define all new words and use them at each once in a conversation during the next 24 hours.

Contact your local Cooperative Extension Service Agent and inquire about educational materials to continue learning farming and agriculture terminology.

BEST Connection:

Refer to the 2015 BEST Marketing and Exhibit Booth & Interview score sheets. Based on a farm theme, design materials for your 2016 team. Create your business cards and print materials. Plan outreach activities involving elementary schools, civic organizations and other community organizations.

Produce a 30-second Public Service (PSA) announcement of the impact BEST makes on your school and community. Download an app to record your PSA in MP3 format and post to the BEST Facebook page.

Community Connection:

Getting the message out! Choose five that do business in your community and explore how they get their message or product knowledge out to the community. Next, determine how they embrace radio, newspapers, magazines, television or other media platforms. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of the message via each platform. Which appeals to you the most? And why?

Bloom’s Taxonomy: analyze, brainstorm, choose, compare, contrast, create, define, design, determine, discuss, download, evaluate, explore, find, highlight, label, name, plan, post, print, produce, refer, sketch, use, write

Workforce Skills: reading comprehension, active listening, critical thinking, speaking, active learning, writing, learning strategies, service orientation, science, technology design

Download a PDF copy of Let’s Talk Farm – bESTology Week 2 – Click HERE.

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