Let It Flow – bESTology Week 9

Let It Flow – bESTology Week 9
A BEST teacher once said “Energy flows when knowledge grows”.  This inspirational teacher was referring to the FACT that the more we know and understand a subject, the more brainstorming and innovation can be applied.
Whether it’s food energy for our bodies, wind energy to turn a turbine or mechanical energy to move our cars; we always have room to grow, expand our knowledge and to get the energy flowing.
“We are …

It’s All About the Freight – bESTology Week 8

It’s All About the Freight – bESTology Week 8
It’s a fact – we do not produce 100% of products needed in our hometown, e.g. food, building materials, automobiles, school supplies, etc.  Therefore imports are essential.  That means some sort of exchange with other states and even other nations.  Goods being transported from place to place are referred to as freight.
bESTology 2014 has looked at the: surfaces freight travels; energy sources associated with that transport (week 7 and 2); …

Tunneling through Technology – bESTology Week 7

Tunneling through Technology – bESTology Week 7
We begin in the early 1900’s with World War I generating the need for truck use and development. This need led almost immediately to truck manufacturing, long-distance shipments, inflated tires and faster speeds.  By the 1920’s, over one million trucks were on America’s roads.
This week’s bESTology focuses on ways transportation improvements are made in the 21st century and how the improvements are influenced by technology.  Transportation improvements are based on but …

Let’s Circle Around Pi Day – bESTology Week 6

Let’s Circle Around Pi Day – bESTology Week 6
 Bladerunner may not be a piece of cake, but it can be as easy as Pi. This week we celebrate pi – not pie, but Pi.  International Pi Day is March 14 (3/14 or 3.14), which is also Albert Einstein’s birthday.  
 We are familiar with Pi and it’s relationship to a circle.  Tires, turbine engines and train wheels are only a few examples of circles that help transport goods and …

Moving Safely – bESTology Week 5

Accidents bring tears – Safety brings cheers.  A motto BEST embraces 24/7.
Highway safety, classroom safety, competition safety – we can all agree safety is key no matter where we are. As a bESTologist, let’s study how and why safety procedures are put into place and how we can play a role in the future of safety.

Creating a Safety Video
NTSB Top 10 Safety Concerns
NTSB Safety Blog Site
Advancements and Technology in Truck Safety
Geometric Design …

Not the Basic Load – bESTology Week 4

Not the Basic Load  – bESTology Week 4
Are you ready to become the ultimate loadmaster, stevedore or cargo handler? Oversized freight, weight restriction, bridge formula, permits and intermodal are only a few words you would use in these professions.  Sit down, take a load off and let’s get started with the basics.
According to Dictionary.com, a load is defined as anything put in or on something for conveyance or transportation; freight; cargo.  “Load” can also be a verb; to …

It’s No PROBLEM To Be an Engineer – Week 3 bESTology

National Engineers Week! As bESTologists, we are focusing the spotlight on the careers of transportation and civil engineers and how they impact our world.
Did you know that transportation and civil engineers have a –

responsibility to move people and goods safely and efficiently?
salary that is often more than $80,000 per year?
knack to effectively apply problem-solving and teamwork skills?

Transportation and civil engineers must solve current and future transportation issues. Issues such as integrating transport systems, …

Energize! Week 2 bESTology

Not only has the advancement of TECHNOLOGY improved our roads and highway systems, technology has had and continues to have an enormous impact on how we POWER our modes of transportation.
In the past, fossil fuels (oil) have been the dominant energy source for transportation.  But due to global innovation and advances in technology, the manner in which natural resources are collected, modified and consumed has been transformed creating a new vision for transportation in America.
LNG, algae, wind …

Transportation with Technology – Week 1 2014

Transportation with Technology
Do any of the following sound familiar?  “Take the high road”, “Road to success”, “Hit the road”, “Rocky road” or “All roads lead to Texas”?  Let’s take a ride down the information highway.
Technology surrounds us.  Computers, smartphones, electronic tablets and more are present in our daily lives.  But have you stopped to reflect on how technology is involved in our transportation systems? Jump aboard and let’s travel on this journey together.
 Resources to begin our …