Week 2: Natural Resources, Our ENERGY Sources

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This week’s lesson will look at our natural resources and how we are using them for energy.

Let’s Begin…

So what are our natural resources, and why are they so important? Natural resources are materials from the Earth that are used to support life and meet people’s needs. Any natural substance that humans use can be considered a natural resource. Oil, coal, natural gas, metals, stone and sand are natural resources. Other natural resources are air, sunlight, soil and water. Animals, birds, fish and plants are natural resources as well. Take a look around you. You will probably see some of the earth’s natural resources right in front of your eyes. Natural resources provide us with everything we need to survive. We can’t study natural resources without learning about energy, because after all our natural resources provide us with energy. So, get ENERGIZED to learn about natural resources and energy.

BUT, will these resources be around forever? We need to stop and think about what we are doing to preserve our natural resources.


Renewable Energy 101

Clean Energy

Electric Cars

Renewable Energy

Apple or Android – I really don’t care

Non-renewable energy

Even the CIA is involved

Energy Transformations

BEST kit 2017


Look around you; make a list of all the things you see in your home that are made from natural resources. Keep this list close by because we will add to this list throughout this lesson.

As we navigate through CURRENT EVENTS, generate a chart and list words associated with the topics over the next several weeks. Be sure to add new words to your list each week.


Get clued on Natural Resources

Refer to the “Get Clued on Natural Resources” to get some background information and widen your knowledge before you move on.

Part 1 – Now that you know a little more about natural resources we can divide these resources into two main groups; Renewable and Non-Renewable.

Use this  Natural Resources page  to make a list of your natural resources and put them into the two different groups.

Part 2 – Alternative energy – we can’t survive without energy. Energy that we use for our homes, our cars, electricity, etc. comes from our natural resources. If some of our resources are running out then we need to find an alternative to provide us with the energy we need.

Make a chart listing all the types of energy we use and what is an alternative form of energy.


Try one of these topics below. If you are feeling ENERGIZED, then try both.

  1. If you could move to another country, what country would that be? Based on the Natural resources from that country, write a short essay describing why you would move there. Your essay must be based on the natural resources for that country. HINT ( the CIA is involved)
  2. Pick an alternative energy that would help your community thrive. You are the CEO of a company that provides that alternative energy. Write a speech that you will deliver to the city convincing them why they should use your company.

BEST Connection:

Your BEST kit contains many parts. Some of those parts are used to power the robot. That power is a form of energy. Look inside your kit and find the parts that are used to power the robot, directly or indirectly. Write down these parts and what type of energy they provide.

Community Connection:

In today’s modern world we use all types of energy to function. Some energy makes our lives more efficient, some energy is making our planet cleaner, and some energy is disappearing. What type of energy are you using in your homes or community? Look at how your city is taking care of our natural resources? Are there any special programs in place? Are they working with any organizations?


Think and Share (great for Middle School)

You have learned a lot about natural resources, types of resources, and all about energy. Now let’s look and see if we can find how energy is being converted from one form to another. Have a discussion and talk about the different ways, and even give examples that are around you. You can also then look at the BEST connection and talk about energy transformation in the BEST kit.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: add, create, explore, evaluate, generate, include, identify, list, observe, reflect, review, subdivide, use, and write

Workforce Skills: critical thinking, materials evaluation, reading comprehension, science, writing

Download a PDF version of this week’s lesson here

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