Week 12: Review, Recap, Research

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Congratulations!  You have completed all of the bESTology lessons for 2018. We hope that you have enjoyed them and learned something along the way. These lessons were designed to inspire and prepare you for the 2018 BEST competition – CURRENT EVENTS. This week’s lesson is designed to wrap things up and help sort out all that you have learned as you further research this year’s game theme. Even if you haven’t completed every single lesson, you can still participate in this final lesson and find it beneficial.

 Research:  bESTology in Review

Complete the table below by listing the major concepts from each bESTology lesson.

When you begin your research, you may use this table as a reference.

Week Title Key points
1 Water, Water, Water
2 Natural Resources, Our Energy Sources
3 All About Recycling
4 Currents
5** The Plastic Ocean
6 Robots in Motion in the Ocean
7 Turtles are Friends Not Foes
8** The Science Behind Plastic
9 Watersheds
10 Sustainability
11 Gyres, Garbage, and Landfills

**See the winners of our challenges at the end of this lesson.

Vocabulary Art

Throughout these bESTology lessons you have either encountered new vocabulary words or identified some key words and phrases. Make a list of these new vocabulary words and then, using the word art creator of your choice, create a picture with your word list. The example below was created with Image Chef.



Let’s Make a Graphic Organizer

At the BEST competition we find ourselves presenting a lot of information in order to share our “company” with others. A graphic organizer is a fun, simple, and creative way to share information visually. Let’s make a graphic organizer that you might use in your marketing presentation or display in your team exhibit.

An infographic is a fun way to organize information that is relatively easy to display and relatively simple for people to understand. Below is an example of an infographic about plastics.

Choose an infographic maker from the list of free choices below.  Just click on any of the sites below and you are ready to start making your own infographic. Select any of the bESTology lessons and make an infographic to showcase the information from that lesson. If you are adventurous,  make two or more infographics. Who knows? You might be able to use these in your marketing presentations or even in your team exhibit. You might also find other free infographic makers if you search the internet carefully.







Writing Component: The Research Paper

In a few weeks, we will find out what the Current Events competition is really all about. One of the components of the BEST engineering notebook is to write a research paper. The information provided in these bESTology lessons will definitely help you write this paper. While we aren’t  going to write a paper in this section (did you just breathe a sigh of relief?),  you ARE going to make an outline of all the information provided in the bESTology lessons just as if you were about to write a research paper.

The first step to writing should always be to gather your thoughts, plan what you want to say, and plan the order in which you need to say it for the best impact.  You may use whichever method you have learned that you are comfortable with.

BEST Connection: Sharing is Caring

The BEST way to learn in the BEST Robotics program is to connect with other teams. Using the information you have created in this final lesson, create a Kahoot learning game or a Quizlet assessment to share with other teams in your hub. Those teams can play your Kahoot or take your Quizlet and see how much knowledge they have gained during bESTology and what they have learned about the theme of this year’s competition.  You can take theirs too!



bESTology Challenge Winners:

Week 5: Poster on Devastating Plastic Ocean Facts

Week 8: Recycling Challenge Photo

No Winners Yet!  Send your recycling photos to bestology@bestinc.org

Bloom’s Taxonomy: add, create, explore, evaluate, generate, include, identify, list, observe, reflect, review, subdivide, use, and write

Workforce Skills: critical thinking, materials evaluation, reading comprehension, science, writing

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