Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign – bESTology Week 6

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Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign – bESTology Week 6


Look around, how many hazardous materials can you identify? As long are they are contained, stored or used properly, they pose no harm. But when the hazardous materials are outside of their intended location, there is danger.

Spills, explosions and leaks of hazardous materials all require the attention of first responders. Keeping first responders safe in all emergency situations is of the utmost importance. Tactical gear allows first responders to enter harsh conditions to perform their jobs and protect the public. Signs, labels and technical documents inform the first responders of the type of hazardous materials and the appropriate response. And of course an abundance of education and training is required.

Let’s gear up for hazardous materials.


Firestorm of Brainstorming

Imagine all the places you could find hazardous material signs or warning labels, i.e. chemistry lab, fuel truck, cleaning products. Create a list of locations and document each by capturing a photo with your smart device. Use Padlet or a similar online bulletin board, to download and save the photos. Compare and contrast your outcomes with your teammates.

Fire and Rescue Journal

Referencing your photos above, research each sign and how it is used to communicate caution to a first responder. Determine if each sign is required by one of the following:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Consumer Protection Agency

Graphic artists are often involved in designing the signs but often so are mathematicians. Using a protractor and a straightedge, demonstrate your knowledge of geometry and draw a biohazard sign. Instructions can be found in the resource section. Use your skills to generate a symbol or sign for your Crossfire team.


BEST Robot

Over the past years, BEST robots have been involved with transporting iso-octane and radioactive materials, handling biomedical substances and toxic waste.  Review and create a chart of archived BEST games which hazardous materials signage could have been displayed on the robot or on the field each year.  Challenge:  Name two past BEST games where the robots transported or came in contact with biological materials then identify two past BEST games where caution signs could have been placed at a particular location on the field.

Community Connection

Invite a first responder to visit your classroom wearing gear for a specific hazardous response. Inquire how temperature (heat and cold) impacts the clothing as well conditions. Include in your discussion training and preparedness for various types of hazardous materials. Share five new facts you learned with family and friends. (Hint – this may be helpful for Crossfire 2017)

Hot Topic in the News this Week: The First Responder Online Newspapers share a wealth of up-to-date news. Click here to read.

A Burning Question for a First Responder: What means are used to detect the presence of chemicals when arriving the scene of an accident?

(We encourage teams to contact a first responder and ask this question. Record the answer in your journal)

Bloom’s Taxonomy: capture, chart, compare, conclude, create, demonstrate, determine, document, download, draw, explain, generate, identify, include, inquire, invite, name, reference, research, review, save, share, state, use, write

Workforce Skills: reading comprehension, active listening, critical thinking, active learning, writing, mathematics, science, judgment and decision-making

Download a PDF copy of bESTology Week 6 – Click HERE

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